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Arkade Front Cover by dlmx-13 Arkade Front Cover :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 5 0 Arkade Archipelago by dlmx-13 Arkade Archipelago :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 6 0 Arkade page 9 by dlmx-13 Arkade page 9 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 3 0 Pixel Viking Longboat by dlmx-13 Pixel Viking Longboat :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 5 0 Arkade page 4 by dlmx-13 Arkade page 4 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 4 0 Mark as a Viking by dlmx-13 Mark as a Viking :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 4 0 Me as a Viking by dlmx-13 Me as a Viking :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 5 0 Axeman 8-Bit Sprite by dlmx-13 Axeman 8-Bit Sprite :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 5 0 Arkade page 3 by dlmx-13 Arkade page 3 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 4 1 Megacube Console by dlmx-13 Megacube Console :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 3 0 Axeman Screenshot by dlmx-13 Axeman Screenshot :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 4 0 Hydro-Mania by dlmx-13 Hydro-Mania :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 7 3 Arcade the Lizard by dlmx-13 Arcade the Lizard :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 6 2 Arkade page 2 by dlmx-13 Arkade page 2 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 6 1 Arkade page 1 by dlmx-13 Arkade page 1 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 6 2 Inktober Days 1 to 3 by dlmx-13 Inktober Days 1 to 3 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 2 1


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Arkade Front Cover
The front cover artwork for Årkade, my latest comic about a fictional retro video game starring this viking character AxeMan.
Just two days left on our crowdfunding campaign if you'd like to pre-order a copy of the comic for yourself: :)
Arkade Archipelago
A little bit of Årkade concept art from ages ago. Just FIVE DAYS LEFT on the crowdfunding campaign - can you help us raise a few extra $$$?
Arkade page 9
Just ONE WEEK left on my crowdfunding campaign! Årkade is the story of a fictional video game character called Axeman, a viking warrior with an axe for a hand, who faces the destruction of his cartridge world and must save it by gaining the attention of a retro game collector in our world. There is some pixel art and also glitch art in it. I think it's pretty swell. You can contribute here:
Pixel Viking Longboat
Another lil' pixel thing in progress for Årkade! The comic is still crowdfunding now til April 9th, if you'd like a copy for yourself: It's like Wreck-It Ralph with vikings. You'll love it. Check it out! :D
Arkade page 4
Posting one more page of Årkade to let you know that there's just two weeks left on our crowdfunding campaign!

Do you like vikings and/or retro video games? Have I got a comic for you!


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E. Will
Artist | Professional | Other
Current Residence: Saskatchewan, Canada
Favourite genre of music: post-punk, electronic, and folk.
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Personal Quote: "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." -- Mark Twain
Hey, folks. Just wanted to let you know about a new comic I'm doing...Dustship Glory.
What's that? Well, Short Version, here's how I've been pitching it at conventions:

"It's about a possibly crazy guy who builds a ship in the middle of the prairies during the Depression...AND it's based on a true story!"

Here's some sample pages I've posted here on DA:……………

You can get a PDF of the comic for 99 cents here:
Or a real print version for $3.95 plus S&H here:… (Maybe I'll even throw in a free sketch & button, if you like? :V )
It's a really cool & suitably weird story...if you dug Look Straight Ahead, you'll most likely dig it. :)

Long Version: Dustship Glory is a novel by Andreas Schroeder originally published in 1986 that I'm adapting into graphic novel form (with his blessing, don't worry).

This novel is based on a true story, about an incredibly strange guy from Finland named Tom Sukanen, who settled in Saskatchewan during the Depression and built a large ocean-going steamship in the middle of the prairies, hundreds of miles from any ocean.

To this day…no one really knows why. Not to sail back to Finland - a Cunard Line ticket would have gotten him there in less than a month for $88. And, this being the Depression, when everyone was struggling to keep their farms and grow something - anything - everybody thought he was a nutcase.

…or was he? He genuinely seemed to know what he was doing, and he also built a number of other inventions, including a machine that puffed wheat, a sled with a motor (before such a thing existed), and a clock powered by falling drops of water.

The genius of this story is that YOU REALLY ROOT FOR THE GUY, BECAUSE HE WORKS SO DAMN HARD ALL THE TIME…and gets no respect, because the thing he works so damn hard on is a Pointless Passion Project (and he also really lacks social skills). Yeah...I...can...sorta relate to that.

Once again, if this all sounds cool, get the PDF here:
Or the real print version here:…
(Saskatoon folks - and I know there are a couple of you here - can get the print version from all 4 comic stores in town)

I'm really excited about this comic and I hope you'll consider tossing a dollar my way...much love!! :aww:


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abyschan Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
and then it strikes me that it's.... YOU!!! From Anarchia!! omg, omfg. *hug* Wow!!!! I didn't know you were here on DA! AWESOME!! :D
yang Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2003
Holy crap! It's you! Uh... how about that. Damn, now you really are a better artist than me. *weep*
redrockwildcat Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fangirlness! Sorry, I just been watching your art for a hella long time and I'm glad to see you got a DA account with brand new art stuffz goodness.

I still got the Roadie pic you did for me in the exchage! Still one of my favorite pics of the speed metal bugger too!
dlmx-13 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2003  Professional Artist

"I saw you two guys earlier at the Good Humour truck, and you were eating your ice cream like little boys, and I thought 'Those guys aren't so tough! They're eating ice cream! What a bunch of swell guys!' Don't you try to deny it. You were eating an ice cream cone, and I SAW you. Oh you're bad now, but you were eating an ice cream cone. Everyone knows it. The whole f--kin' place knows it. Ice cream eating motherf--ker, that's what you are."

foxjane Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003  Student
foxjane Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2003  Student
Skating on the interstate~
stucat Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003
hell didn't know you were here. love ya style and I don't many others that like furry art and punk music. have to keep an eye on ya to see more workes from ya.
aheadbyacentury Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2003

man, I'm glad you decided to join DA cause your work is fucking awesome!!!

your style's great... i'll add you to my watch list so i can comment on your pieces later...
right now i'm on a terribly slow computer in greece so i'll have to wait till i get back to my good ol' pc in canada!

foxjane Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2003  Student

...would you like some free poo? Or maybe pay-per-poo? =P (Razz)
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